As regards the safety sector, we can propose the supply of a series of certifications and training/updating of personnel, such as:

RINA ISO 9001/2015 certification

RINA: Certificate n.2019TS01856 dated 11/07/2019
Inspection and maintenance of water-mist and sprinkler System
DNV-GL as a service supplier.

Certificate AOSS0000GKF 8/28/2020 – inspection and maintenance to
pressure water spraying systems (Sprinkler and Deluge) including water
mist Systems


We are able to customize the training courses, according to on-board installations (subject to on-site assessment).

The training can be carried out directly on the ship during
the operations or in port.

The goal of our training is to implement systems knowledge,
identify and resolve the most frequent malfunctions and the


The maintenance that we carry out on the systems is in compliance with
following regulations:

-IMO SOLAS Reg. II-2 /,,

-MSC.1 / Circ 1432; date 31 May 2012 Item 7.5 and item 9.3
revised guidelines for the maintenance and inspection of fire protection
systems and appliances
Maintenance: 1 year – 5 year – 10 year Sprinkler test (circ 112/2015)
Hydrostatic test certifications for modified systems and cylinders
of water. Certification of new plant branches.

We have established relationships with companies that allow us to offer the
material to make:
Piping (in AISI 316)
Plastic piping (polybutylene, polypropylene, PVC U PVC C etc …)
Carpentry (in AISI 316 and not)
Various furniture and furnishings
Fire extinguishing systems with sprinkled water and atomized water,
gas (NOVEC 1230 – Inergen), powders.